RETAILERS has been quietly servicing the retail industry for over 25 years.

As a Fine Design Studio we are equipped to create original designs, as well as executing your or your clients design requests.

Whether your project requires computer generated CAD images, wax models, casted preview pieces, we are in a unique position to take you through such a personal, step-by-step process.

Are you JBT rated?

Although we will work with stores that are not JBT rated, we prefer to do business with JBT rated accounts.

All order must be preceded by not less than half of the estimated cost of the project.

All orders must be paid in full prior to shipping of the piece – all company checks must clear prior to shipping.

Since at the start we can only estimate costs – not having the actual diamond weight, the actual metal cost, etc. – we reserve the right to have the final price be  within 10% of estimated cost.

Example: Estimated cost $2,000 + 10% allowance = $2,200 maximum cost

In quoting your clients, please allow for such possibilities.